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How to hang pew bows:

Q.  How do I attach the pew you include bands or something?

A. There is definitely no one size fits all solution to hanging your pew bows.  Therefore, rather than to add a band that may not fit your specific need, in size or logistics, I do not include them.  Its much easier to add a band that fits once your receive your purchase, than to have to remove one that doesn't. 

I tie the bows with paper covered floral wire, and leave enough on the back of each bow to easily attach it to a clip or band...or to work it into a garland, wrap it around a railing, or to fit it into the design of your arbor.  There is approximately 10" extra on the bow.  This may be all you need to hang them on the pew ends.  In an older church the pew end will most likely be too wide to use just the paper ties.

If you are using the pew bows in a church, the method used for hanging them is usually decided upon by the church.  Some insist on pew clips (plastic hooks), while other churches prohibit the use of clips completely.  Some churches will insist on chenille (pipe cleaners), and most prohibit the use of metal or tape.

If your church doesn't provide clips, or doesn't have a preference, I recommend 1/4" elastic bands that fit very snugly around the end of the pew.  Again, the size will vary greatly from church to church.  They are inexpensive and can be purchased anywhere you find office supplies in your hometown.  Elastic bands can be attached ahead of time.  This saves valuable time upon arriving to the church.  Decorating can be finished in a few moments.  

If your church insists on pipe cleaners, you can slip one under the paper tie, twist it and then cut off the extra paper tie.  Again, this can be done ahead to save on decorating time once you arrive to the church.

Chairs, like the end of pews, can vary in style.  Pew bows can be pinned to a chair cover using either safety or straight pins.  Or you can use the paper tie to wrap through the chair rails or the knob at the top, when chair covers are not part of your decor.